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Rising Lotus Inc

 Rising Lotus Inc is based on the value “Seva”, selfless service. Rising Lotus Inc is an educational 501c3 nonprofit that provides yoga and meditation education to individuals, families, nonprofit organizations and businesses. We deliver these services through our School of The Rising Lotus curriculum. School of The Rising Lotus provides daily online yoga classes and a comprehensive yoga teacher training program and online and in person yoga and healing arts workshops.

Daily Online Yoga Classes 

Enjoy the best quality online yoga classes and training at home with Rising Lotus Inc. The Rising Lotus online program is unique because the instructor watches the class attendees and gives real time feedback. Class size is limited to six. A $75.00 per month donation is required for unlimited class attendance. 

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Online Setup

Practicing yoga at home can have real benefits. You can designate a quiet space and design it to your liking. You will need a mat, 2 cork blocks and a yoga strap. Extras include a bolster, a yoga wedge and a yoga wheel. We recommend that class attendees either use a tablet or laptop when attending class. An external camera is an added bonus. Please adjust your camera so the front of your mat with you standing at the back of your mat and your entire body is in the frame.

New participants in the daily online yoga program are offered two, 45 minute private consultations. We will discuss setting up your space for an online practice and selecting the proper yoga tools and props for your practice. We will also discuss the difficulty and challenges of the class. We will discuss the new participant’s goals, strengths and challenges, consistency, effort and reasonable timeline outcomes. If the new participant is unfamiliar with basic yoga poses and calisthenics exercises, we will introduce the basic and foundational movements to the new participant.   

Rising Lotus Yoga Teacher Training and Wellness Practitioner Program

Our program is designed to provide you with the education, tools, insights, and guidance to become a highly skilled studio and one-on-one yoga coach / instructor. After graduating, you will feel confident making referrals and recommendations regarding wellness practitioners, services, and products.

6 Hours per Week Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

All classes are online involving real-time online discussion and demonstration. Since our syllabus is rotating full circle, new students can start anytime. Our training program also includes multi-day intensives at retreat centers across the US.


If you demonstrate a financial need, we can give you a very generous partial scholarship. We only give this to trainees who are willing to volunteer their healing arts skills with their community once they graduate.

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Our trainees, teachers, and graduates volunteer teaching meditation and yoga at:

  • The Daviess County Correctional Facility
  • The Amethyst House, Girls Inc
  • The H.L. Neblett Center
  • Owensboro Regional Recovery

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Even if you are outside of the Kentucky region, we can provide online yoga classes or train your staff to provide quality yoga and meditation classes to your nonprofit organization or group.  

We offer free online yoga classes to:

*Senior Centers

*Community Centers

*Recovery Facilities

*Group Homes

*Psychiatric Wards

*Waiting Rooms for Family Members of

Hospital Patients

Rising Lotus For-Profit Business Yoga and Wellness Program

We also offer a yoga and meditation program for businesses to incorporate into their teamwork and camaraderie building human resource systems. We know that group meditation and yoga will improve focus and clarity of thought which will increase performance and productivity and overall health and wellness. The yoga practice will alleviate stress and anxiety. The yoga practice will increase focus, mental acuity and production. The yoga practice will increase confidence and self esteem. The yoga practice will reduce pathology. The yoga practice will increase strength, flexibility and agility. All these benefits translate into successful real world personal and work relationships and academic and career endeavors.       

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