Our mission is to make yoga and other alternative sustainable practices accessible to ALL.

To achieve our goals we match individual and corporate donors and volunteers with our mission of training and empowering individuals from unique circumstances. Our program graduates will provide high quality alternative health and wellness education and services to financially deprived and culturally damaged communities, forward thinking corporations and nonprofit organizations.

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Rising Lotus Inc began 15 years ago as an idea of utility to lessen self inflicted suffering to unsustainable communities. I spent a year at the Heartwood Institute 2004 to 2005 as the Assistant to the Executive Director. During my time there I was exposed to, learned and practiced an array of esoteric healing arts for physical, spiritual and emotional health and well being. Growing up between the urban environment of the east side of Cleveland OH and the poverty stricken Black community of Logan County KY, I related how these principles can lessen the impact of poverty, a culture of violence, addiction and lifestyle diseases. 


Founder and Executive Director 




Rising Lotus INC’s legacy vision is to secure a property that will facilitate certifying fourteen trainees from diverse ethnicities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, cultures and races from all parts of The United States to become Community Wellness Practitioners in a year long program.