As a 501(c) 3 non-profit, Rising Lotus INC is humbly asking for donations to fund the scholarships for the 200 hour yoga teacher trainees at the Owensboro KY classroom. Rising Lotus Inc is a 501(c)3 organization was founded with the mission of training people from communities with sparse resources to address health issues using yoga and meditation.

Rising Lotus Inc is a registered Yoga Alliance® School. Cost of the program including books and study materials is $3,000.00 per student. For every 2 fully paid non-scholarship trainees, Rising Lotus will donate one full scholarship to the program.

It is well known that communities that lack financial stability tend to be exponentially less healthy. Those communities rely heavily on processed foods which leads to obesity and obesity leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, mental health issues cancer, etc. Those illnesses lead to the necessity for pharmaceutical medications which lead to side effects, dependence and possibly addiction. Rising Lotus INC believes that with sustainable health care practices we can create safer, cleaner and more compassionate communities throughout our country. With education and access, residents of under served communities will learn to take more responsibility for their individual well-being which will increase the quality of life for those communities.  

People that work as low wage earners at domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, low income retirement homes, etc. are perfect candidates for the scholarships. The graduate will have more tools to work more effectively with their clients and they will be able to pass the knowledge of a wellness lifestyle and alternative therapies to their friends, families and communities. Education and access to alternative therapies will lessen the need for dangerous prescription drugs and provide a better overall quality of life for people that live in wellness deserts. 

Rising Lotus believes that equally as important to your cash donation is your mentorship and encouragement to these yoga teacher trainees. Students will finish the program between 30 and 90 days. Each student will have an individual training plan depending on their academic needs and schedule. 

*All donations more than $250.00 are 100% tax deductible with your IRS filing*

Phillip Bibb, 

Executive Director