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About Me:

My work and my commitment to health and wellness and how it relates to under served communities is documented and well known. I spent a year at the Heartwood Institute 2004 to 2005 as the Assistant to the Executive Director. During my time there I was exposed to, learned and practiced an array of esoteric healing art disciplines for physical, spiritual and emotional health and well being on a daily basis. I learned that these principles can lessen the impact of poverty, a culture of violence, addiction and lifestyle diseases. Growing up between the urban environment of the east side of Cleveland OH and the poverty stricken Black community of Logan County KY I immediately related how these unique ways of healing through movement, touch, food and herbs and perma-culture could greatly lessen the suffering of these two vastly different under served communities.

I am an ERYT 200 yoga teacher with 15 years experience teaching studio classes in Kentucky, California and Hawaii. I am a certified addiction counselor with professional experience working as a case manager with mental health nonprofits and government agencies serving several populations, (children, women, homeless adults and the dual diagnosed). I have an AA degree in Hospitality Management. I am a massage therapist with 800 hours of education and training and professional experience in both land and aquatic modalities.

I was honorably discharged from The United States Marine Corps.

Phillip Bibb,

Founder and Executive Director, Rising Lotus INC