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Rising Lotus INC’s Yoga Teacher Training is an independent study 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved program. The program is designed to train future yoga instructors to competently and safely teach a yoga class from the foundation of Patanjali’s eight limb path. Although the physical and academic training is remedial it will be time consuming and challenging. Rising Lotus INC’s YTT is not designed to address students individual or personal health and wellness concerns or issues although students will personally benefit due to a regular practice and learning to take care of others. Students will be given assignments and are expected to be completed in a timely manner. The learning studio and faculty will have posted hours Monday through Saturday. Students may drop in daily for independent and group study and may make appointments with faculty for guaranteed private instruction. Students may bring their own students to practice with. Students will be notified when there will be therapeutic yoga clients the faculty will work with and the students may observe or assist.

Admissions and Entrance

Applicants should be 18 years of age. The applicant must complete and submit the application form. Applicant will be notified via email once accepted into the program. Applicant will then have 14 days to begin the program. Applicants should have a regular yoga practice for at least six months. Applicants should be able to physically perform techniques they will teach. Applicants should be computer literate and have access to email and internet. Course materials and correspondence will occur electronically.

Non Discrimination Policy

No one will be chosen or omitted to The Rising Lotus YTT Program because of race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or faith tradition

Tuition Fees-Refund

Non scholarship applicants will be notified of acceptance/rejection via email. Upon acceptance to the program you must start payment and training within fourteen calendar days.

Payment plans can be negotiated. Refunds will be made within three days of first payment minus a 20% fee of total tuition. Trainee must apply in writing for a refund. Scholarship Trainees receiving a full or partial scholarship are not eligible for refunds. Scholarship recipients must start program within fourteen days of receiving scholarship. Scholarship recipients will have work / study obligations which will be negotiated at interview.


Program must be completed in 90 days


Students may be terminated for behavior detrimental to the program. These behaviors can include, intoxication while attending the learning studio and sexual, racial or political comments that are offensive or intrusive. Unsafe or violent behaviors will result in termination. Breach of confidentiality and destruction of property will also lead to dismissal. Professional appearance and personal hygiene will be maintained at high standards. The above list sets out examples of prohibited conduct. It is intended to help students understand the type of conduct that will be subject to discipline and is not exhaustive. All concerns relating to student misconduct shall be directed to the Executive Director of Rising Lotus INC. Concerns may be brought by staff, students or the public. The Executive Director will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern(s) within 5 days of receiving the complaint. If the alleged conduct is of such a serious nature that an immediate dismissal may be warranted, the Executive Director will meet with the student as soon as is reasonably possible. Following the meeting with the student, the Executive Director will conduct whatever further inquiry or investigation is necessary to determine whether the concerns are substantiated. Any necessary inquiries or investigations shall be completed within 5 days of the initial meeting with the student. The Executive Director will meet with the student and:

(a) Determine that the concern(s) were unsubstantiated

(b) Determine that the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole or in part. Discipline can include;

Give the student a warning setting out the consequences of further misconduct

Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions

Dismiss the student from the training program. The Executive Director will prepare a written summary of the determination. A copy shall be given to the student and the original will be placed in the student file. If the student owes tuition or other fees to the institution, Rising Lotus INC may undertake the collection of the amount owing if the trainee is dismissed.

Progress reports and grading

Trainees will be assessed through written and video essays, topic reports and practicum and seva / karma project. All grading will be valued as pass or incomplete .

Trainee will pass 5 teaching exams classes to earn certification. The student will be able to demonstrate their ability to teach a yoga class in a safe professional manner. Grading and feedback will take place immediately after exam.

If progress is not satisfactory the trainee will be notified to meet with the Lead Instructor. A plan to improve performance will be implemented


To earn a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Rising Lotus INC a trainee must demonstrate they can safely teach a 75 minute class using three different sequences. To earn certification the trainee must demonstrate they can casually discuss basic topics associated to yoga including anatomy and alignment and the eight limbs and how they apply to their own practice as well as their teaching style. Trainees will be able to competently use basic Sanskrit terms. Trainees will have completed all mandatory course work to receive certification. There will be bi-annual graduation ceremonies. Upon completion of program graduates will immediately receive their certificate of completion and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance.


Trainees personal information will be stored in a locked facility and will not be sold. Trainees can request and receive confidential conversations with staff and faculty. Staff and faculty will report all information of impending harm to anyone to the appropriate authority.


Students may make complaints or report or discuss anything that concerns their

learning experience related to Rising lotus. Students may express themselves in person or in writing. All Trainee’s concerns will be taken seriously and acted on immediately. All discussions between trainees and staff and or faculty of Rising Lotus are considered confidential within the organization. The Executive Directors decision on all matters is final.


All trainees will be encouraged to list an emergency contact on there application form.