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A new class starts the 1st day of each month. Students may train at your own pace. Students will receive a new assignment once the previously assigned written assignment and lecture and discussion have been completed. There are 16 assignments and discussions, including an in-person or virtual teaching demonstrations that are required for graduation. 

The Rising Lotus Inc brand of “Community Yoga Therapy” is based on building an individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice using the principles of Patanjali’s Eight Limb Path to positively contribute locally and globally.

The School of The Rising Lotus’ Training Program is a space designed for you to learn the skills to become a professional therapeutic yoga instructor, a skillful studio yoga coach and a healing arts educator.

The students of our program will learn the therapeutic approaches of a variety of Hatha Yoga lineages and Ayurveda practices, massage and energy-work modalities with the objective of providing education and instruction to those that seek our guidance. 

See our syllabus.  

*Yoga Teacher Training is difficult.

*All students will be respected at all times.

*Private conversations will remain confidential.

*You always have the right to say NO and you will NOT be questioned about your decision. 

School of The Rising Lotus Values

Rising Lotus understands that yoga teacher training will be difficult for most. As we guide you through your transformation you will be supported, encouraged and empowered to finish the program. Rising Lotus instructors understand the challenges of completing a yoga teacher training and we use those memories to lead with empathy.


ૐWill be listened to

ૐWill be respected

ૐWill be supported

ૐWill have fu

ૐWill be encouraged to be creative

ૐWill be encouraged to showcase their strengths and improve their challenges

ૐWill be physically challenged

ૐWill be academically challenged

🕉Will be empowered to positively impact your community

 Our Yoga Teacher Training program teaches students to be of Service to self, family and community. Students, teachers, board members and associates of Rising Lotus Inc are advocates and ambassadors for nonviolence, cooperation, healthy food and water and a pollution free environment and equal access to services and opportunity.